A Day in the Life of SFUSD Dining Staff

Written by Stephanie Lieu is a senior at George Washington High School, and an SNS School Food Advisory Fellow. She has an aspiration to impact and empower her community with proper knowledge so they can make informed decisions for their lifestyle.


For the last three years, I’ve worked with Student Nutrition Services (SNS) as a Fellow of the School Food Advisory and I thought it was time I understood what a day in the life of one of SFUSD’s Dining Staff was like!

About SFUSD Student Nutrition Services

At SFUSD’s Student Nutrition Services, we focus on providing excellent meal experiences, in order to make school meals the meal of choice for all SFUSD students - with the goal to increase equity, increase participation, and promote healthy eating in our school communities.

Who are the SFUSD Dining Staff?

The SFUSD Dining Staff are an amazing and generous team who prepare and serve over 35,000 meals per day at 115 schools across the city, providing for over 59,000 students. And meals are available to school staff, too!


How is the SFUSD Dining Staff position unique?

“Working as a school dining staff is a unique opportunity in the food industry. Being able to interact with the customer and also be able to be the chef is quite rare.”

~Renata Cauchon-Robles
Community Impact Coordinator

What do you enjoy about being on the SFUSD Dining Staff team?

“I am happy with my job! After I serve the kids, seeing them eat the food makes me very glad.”

~ Moe Aye
Current SFUSD Dining Staff & Central Office Support

“Meeting and working with people. The job itself has its challenges but I wouldn’t have stayed at all if it wasn’t for the people I met, because I’ve met so many families over the years in all the schools.“

~ Tunji Elegbede
Former SFUSD Dining Staff & Current SFUSD Area Supervisor

How would you describe your job?

“I prepare and deliver breakfast and lunch for the pre-k class. After delivering, I get ready for the line of kindergarten through fourth grade students; they eat in the cafeteria.”

~ Moe Aye

“It was a huge learning experience because when you work in a kitchen you’re working not with food, you’re working with people. You’re learning multiple things about different people because they’re more vulnerable when they’re eating food. They tell you more about themselves. And being an area supervisor, you learn about the process. It’s seeing those two worlds now from both sides and bridging them together. It’s helped me.”

~ Tunji Elegbede

My journey with SFUSD’s Student Nutrition Services

Left to right: Renata Cauchon-Robles, Stephanie Lieu, Alvin Vitug

Left to right: Renata Cauchon-Robles, Stephanie Lieu, Alvin Vitug

Having the opportunity to work with SFUSD’s SNS for the past three years has been an amazing experience for me to grow my passion for health and nutrition. Over the course of my journey, I’ve been able to learn new skills and it’s given me opportunities to express my voice for what I stand for

. ~ Stephanie Lieu, Food Management Intern